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Equestrian Photo Shoot with Photography by Delphine

How can I get the most out of my equestrian photo shoot?

Lucky for you I have been shooting equestrian portraits for nearly twenty years. It is a simple process, the key is to follow my advice :)

KiamaLise and Teddy : Photography by Delphine

Horse Prep

  • Give your horse a luxurious bath the night before your shoot. This way he/she will be perfect in the morning. You or a friend (recommended), will have minimal grooming to do on the day.

  • If your horse is hot, I recommend a light lunge. Try not to get him/her sweaty.

  • Feed your horse approx 30 minutes before the shoot, so he/she is not trying to get back to the barn.

  • Clean your best bridle, we want your partner to look their best! Keep a hand towel handy for wiping horse drool, and treats small enough to hide in your hands.

Tashiauna and Georgia : Photography by Delphine

Human Prep

  • That skincare routine that you have been kind of following? Step it up a notch! Having your best skin possible is a huge plus in your portraits! Don’t fuss though, I’m a master at retouching and can wipe away any small blemishes in post and maybe a few wrinkles.

  • Spend time thinking about what outfits you're going to wear, the style of photo shoot. For example;

  1. Boho style with my Reclamation Dress, flowing, relaxed and candid, movement, hats, braids.

  2. Glam fine art style, gown from the client closet or your own, posing, formal, luxurious.

  3. Smart casual, summer dresses, jeans, hats, candid, fun, movement, connection.

"I'm so open to hearing your ideas, I love it when you know how you want your portraits to look," - Delphine
  • Make time to eat before your session! It’s hard work looking this amazing, you need to keep up your strength! Bring yourself a couple of snacks, a banana, yogurt, cheese, something to fuel yourself.

  • Book my HMUA or you can book one you've used before. Don't stress about doing makeup and hair yourself.

Hayley and Barcelona : Photography by Delphine


A: YES! My assistant, Ava, is an experienced horse woman, she will make sure you don’t have to think about your horse. She will hold and walk your horse into the portrait, clean drool, she will provide entertainment so I can capture the best expressions. No mare faces here! Essentially, you can concentrate on being incredible in front of my camera.


A: We sure do! If you promote Photography by Delphine at your barn, and three clients book my services, you receive a complimentary shoot of equal value! Your hard work pays off for both of us!

A 50% deposit and signed contract is required in order to get your portrait day on the calendar, the remainder of the balance is due

the day before the shoot. What are you waiting for? Send me a message!

equestrian photography

Ava and Nacho : Photography by Delphine

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