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Where do I display my portraits?

Do you have a hard time visualizing what size and where to display your portraits?

This is where I take a huge weight off your shoulders. Included in all my packages is a consultation at your home. Depending on where you'd like to display your portraits, I will give you advice on the best color palette; clothes, lighting, backgrounds etc.

  • Soft white and beige tones compliment this room. Pulling colors from the rooms accessories to enhance the portrait.

  • Using your outfits to compliment the color pallet of your room.

  • If you're feeling modest you could display your sexier portraits in a more private room, for you and your partner only.

  • Knowing what goes well together, and where, is crucial. Darker rooms look even more luxurious with rich colors and darker backgrounds.

It's not always about how many images a photographer produces. For me, it's about creating works of art to display in your home. The rest is a bonus!

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